Forest Fight

A wintry morn it was indeed,
Some seven years ago.
I rode through elven forest deep,
When I have heard a roar.

"You rode?" - you might well ask, –
"How could a dragon ride?"
Well... that's a story of the past,
When I was human, right?

But that's another tale, and now
Let me proceed with this one...
I moved myself towards the sound,
My path lit by the rising sun.

And what I saw, made me stand still,
And then my mind went wild -
A large red dragon, trying to kill
Defenseless elven child!

I rushed forth, blinded with wrath,
And dragon turned to me.
The child screamed as we clashed,
If only she would flee!

But no, she seemed to freeze...
I've desperately swung my sword,
Trying to get the beast...

In vain! And then a magic word

Echoed through the clear sky.
Seemed, someone sang inside my head:
"Calm down thine anger, mighty knight!
Let Nature deal with dragon red!"

And then the trees around us
Began to come to life!
I saw deep fear in dragon's eyes,
Their branches were like knives...

I stepped back, and watched his death.
It wasn't pretty sight...
But maybe, he deserved it... Yes,
He tried to kill a CHILD!

I saw an elf behind the trees.
He looked at me and smiled:
"You were brave to fight the beast!
May Nature bless thee, knight!"

He disappeared in the wild,
And I went on my way.
But never I'll forget that fight,
And that midwinter day!


The child?.. I've never seen her more.