Or I think so – how can I tell?
She was so small... Never before
I've seen an elven child... Oh, well.

Long seven years have passed now,
And she must be a pretty maid,
Like any other elf... you know, like "Wow!"
So, I don't know... but it is said

Among the forest folk of Kalurond,
(That's how that land is called)
About a maiden, who is fond
Of roasting dragons by a bolt

Of pure magic... And who knows?
She could well be that little girl,
Trying to somehow cut the paws
Of evil... that's a noble goal,

Although not all the dragons are
So cruel as that, whom I've met...
But, maybe, that day left a scar
In her young soul, made her afraid

Of any dragon, whom she meets.
Or maybe not... That's just a guess,
I really don't know much of this,
Only the rumors of that lass...

If memory does not deceive me,

Her name is Erlen Deilen'del.
If I've mistaken, please forgive me,
That elven names have always gave me hell!

October/November 2003