Pretty kitten over there -
Isn't she an oh-so-fair
Brilliant-eyed lovely lass?
But beware nevertheless...

Fear her gaze, as warm as sun,
For it may well freeze you down
Fear her smile, it's so bright
You might end up being blind.

If you find yourself in love -
Fear no more, it's not enough,
It's too late to turn it back.
Seize the day right on its neck!

Make it answer all your whys,
Make it melt that burning ice...
Ah, you can't? Than take your time,
Being helpless can be fine...

Love is most divine of feelings,
Whom? It does not matter really -
If there's something to live for,
It is love and nothing more.

She's still smiling with her tongue
Slightly out of tempting lips.

Kitty's beauty, soulsong,
She is Keautty, and that's it.

Second curse or maybe bliss -
Who could tell which one she is?..

2006 (?)