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© 2003-2011 by Andrey Antsut a.k.a. Kirinyale

Lost In Battle

My tale shouldn't take too long,
But still, let's have a seat!
The fireplace will help my song
To warm you up a bit.

It was indeed a chilly eve
On top of Mount Skold,
When dying sunlight spread it's grief
Throughout the wintry world.

A man in dragon wing tabard,
With heavy sword, strapped to his belt,
Was climbing frozen cliff so hard,
Towards the place, where dragon dwelled.

Deep cavern... An unearthly glow,
That of a thousand sparks...
Among the ice, the hunter saw
His prey, the mighty Glarx.

And in his most ferocious voice
The human said such words:
"Oh mighty dragon, make your choice -
To die by spell or sword?"

And Glarx replied with a frown:
"Now that is one bold knight!
You challenge me? So here we go!
But if you lose the fight…"

"Oh, no more words!" - the hunter cried,
And blindly rushed forth,
His sword reflecting cold moonlight...
The dragon showed his paws...

The battle lasted till the dawn.
When sun had chased away the stars,
A statue, made of sturdy stone,
Remained to stay among the ice.

A human small, a dragon mighty -
They both stood there, on the Skold.
A figurine of two bold fighters -
Sole witness of the story told…

Who knows, what magic acted there?
You may be asking gods of this,
But they just laugh at you and stare
From their clouds at earthly fleas...

11 June 2004

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© 2003-2011 by Andrey Antsut a.k.a. Kirinyale далее -->