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© 2003-2011 by Andrey Antsut a.k.a. Kirinyale

Eternity Rangers

(inspired by "Space Rangers" game)

Like a starving stellar shark,
I've been flying forth
Through the space, so cold and dark,
Softened by starglow...

Endless journey, endless fight...
It lasts forevermore.
Whether it is day or night -
No time to adore,

To adore the shining stars
And misty nebulas,
Just to rest, to heal the scars...
We're being fooled!

Why to fight for ages and ages?
Why to storm those foes?
Doesn't ranger have to rest?
No!.. There she goes -

There goes another shot,
Another explosion...
Klissan, roasted at the spot,
And there's a dozen

Of them, quickly flying here,
Dumbly storming forward...
It won't last for long, I fear,
Cause I'm tired, bored!

I don't want to fight forever,
And again, and more...
It's like... well, like fever.
I've seen it before.

I've seen it so many times,
I'd better be blind.
When the galaxy dies,
There's no room for a fight.

Future's yet to see...
I hope something changes.
Or all I have - is to flee,
Run for life from those cages.

In most sacred of my dreams,
I see a huge, beautiful world,
Full of space, and it seems,
It's tale would never be told.

It would never be told to the end,
And you'd always be able to find,
What to do - attack or defend,
Or just hang around, if you are too kind

To kill swarms of enemies,
Spending your time...
Those dreams sometimes scare me -
I fear, they could die,

When I see what's yet to come...
Tell me, am I right?
Would my hopes be gone?
Would I HAVE to fight?

Fighting's good for some time...
But it gets on my nerves,
Shiver goes through my spine,
When it lasts for so long!

Give me freedom for a life,
To do what I please!
Cut out that endless strive!
Make a moment of peace!

I'll be waiting in silence,
I'll be waiting for justice,
I'll be waiting for freedom,
I'll be waiting and bleeding...

18 June 2004

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© 2003-2011 by Andrey Antsut a.k.a. Kirinyale далее -->